Savor our passion.

Start with incredible tea: We work with small artisanal tea farmers, exceptional tea estates, sourcing experts and tea masters to locate teas that stand out. Our cupping panel tries hundreds of teas each month in search of greatness.
Pack it right: The Teforia infuser works seamlessly with Sips teas. Convenient, smart Sips containers protect premium teas and keep them at peak freshness. Plus they are 90% compostable and fully recyclable.
Keep growing: New teas are being added from exemplary growers and producers all the time. Each addition must meet our strict quality standards. The ideal tea portfolio, like the plant itself, must be cultivated.

We keep good company.

We are partnering with leading tea brands to bring you the best tea, crafted specifically for the Teforia experience.

  • Yamamotoyam Tea

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