A tea experience for
the modern world.







  • Floral
  • Antioxidants
  • Earthy
  • Sweet
  • Caffeine
  • Savory


Every tea is unique and has a story to tell. The proprietary Teforia Selective Infusion Profile System brings out the best in flavor and complexity to produce tea like you've never tasted before. The Teforia infuser understands the best brewing recipe, crafted in collaboration with tea masters, tea growers, and scientists.
Traditional methods can only extract the simplest flavor, but the Teforia infuser can highlight and enhance the true character of each tea.

  • Japanese Green
  • Taiwanese Oolong
  • Indian Black

Explore the
Teforia infuser.

The beautifully designed double-walled carafe is a functional work of art that keeps your tea warm and ready for sharing.

Our easy-to-clean, stain-resistant borosilicate glass carafe and infusion globe are surrounded by high-impact, BPA-free plastic to withstand daily use.

Wireless connectivity communicates with your smartphone for an even deeper tea experience in the Teforia app.

Designed to live on your countertop, lights will only illuminate when in use to alert you of infusion progress.

Beautiful illuminated buttons make infusing tea a magical experience. You are only one touch away from the perfect cup of tea.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional tea brewed from pure, natural tea leaves. That’s why we are working directly with farmers to source the freshest and rarest teas and partnering with premier tea brands to deliver a uniquely flavorful tea collection.

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